foot surgery

Foot pain is not a healthy condition. Pain-free feet are the key to your independence and getting through your busy day. Reconstructive foot surgery may be needed to allow a foot to function properly and alleviate the pain. The type of foot surgery will determine the length and type of after-care required to assure your recovery is rapid, uneventful and successful. Post-operative care will include follow-up visits with Dr. Sutera or Dr. Jones, rest, ice, compressions, and possibly pain management medication. Bandages, splints, surgical shoes, casts, and crutches may be necessary to improve recovery and to ensure your safety after surgery.

Angelo Sutera, DPM and Scott Jones D.P.M. have decades of experience in foot care and surgical podiatry in Media, Pennsylvania. Both Dr. Sutera and Dr. Jones focus on advanced techniques in treating diabetic foot disease, wound care, orthotics, venous disease, skin and bone deformities as well as vascular testing.

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